‘Vadilal launches new campaign Quick Treat – Har Moment Right Kar!’ with Ranveer Singh

Vadilal Industries International Business has recently released a new campaign in the overseas market for their flagship ice creams range – Vadilal Ice Cream. Conceived by Mullen Lintas Delhi, the campaign, featuring brand ambassador Ranveer Singh, reiterates that ‘joy is to be lived in the now and any moment wasted is a moment lost’.
Mullen Lintas recently won the business of Vadilal Ice Creams (International Business) – the Indian legacy ice cream brand, on the back of its creative and strategic capabilities and are currently responsible for Vadilal Ice Creams’ brand campaign mandate.
The new campaign by the agency titled ‘Vadilal Quick Treat – Har Moment Right Kar!’ aims to strengthen the brand’s promise of unbeatable taste, texture and flavours and shows people what it is like to truly experience the moment.
The idea of the new campaign is to give a fresh new imagery to Vadilal Quick Treat Ice Cream which, for the people in USA and Indians abroad, is more so a nostalgic buy. The vibrant ad film by Mullen Lintas filled with a colourful and energetic vibe aims to stay relevant by appealing to the youth.
Commenting on the new partnership with Mullen Lintas and Ranveer Singh, Shreshth Jhawar, CEO, Vadilal Industries USA said, “Vadilal is one such iconic brand that has been loved across ages by Indians in the domestic Indian market and abroad alike. We have the widest and most colourful range of Indian ice creams available in the US and 40+ other markets around the globe.
To strengthen relationship with our consumers throughout the world and give a vibrant persona to the brand, we brought in the Bollywood super star Ranveer Singh. He is the perfect choice for who we are as a brand globally – full of life & loved by all and connects perfectly with our TG. We loved his energy and involvement with our brand during the shoot, when he enjoyed consuming our ice creams, like I have always seen our consumers do.
Our agency has churned out a wonderful campaign which we plan to splash across the mediums, all over the globe. The agency and the production house, both have done a commendable creative job, in record time.”
The campaign hinges on the insight that time, tide and ice-creams wait for no man and joy is to be lived in the now, without wasting a moment. Vadilal ice-cream reminds people about this by showing what it is like to truly experience a moment with its unbeatable taste, texture and flavours. Ranveer Singh’s energetic, colourful, effervescing personality further adds to the message the brand aims to convey. The celebrity depicts the different types of flavours in a youthful/trendy way to urge the audience to go and savour every moment with Vadilal Ice Creams, or as Ranveer aptly puts it – ‘lick it, bite it, right it!’
Garima Khandelwal, CCO, Mullen Lintas said, “You have to have it before it melts, that is an inherent thing about ice creams. We derived a life philosophy using exactly that as an analogy and who better to endorse it but Ranveer Singh, who embodies that, living each moment to the fullest, with absolute panache and exuberance. With this campaign we launched the brand’s tagline – “har moment ko right kar”. Infact, in all the brands Ranveer endorses, we have never seen him this way, dressed as a Cassatta. It was a great marriage with everything coming together, in complete Bollywood style to speak to the NRI audience, we are excited to see how this brand relationship now develops.”
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