Why It Is High Time To Set Up Biotech Regulator?

June 15, 2022 Gubba Seed In E News, Seed

Recently the news has been going viral on social media platforms and many news sources that the recently there is a food security issue is a matter of concern all over the globe as the changing client, rising temperature, polluted lands, and depletion of agricultural fields are the major reasons for this to happen. as the governments of many countries are worried about the nutrition value of the crops as the many countries have already adopted the biotechnology.
Biotechnology is a technique through which scientists can develop a crop that is more in nutrition value and high in resistance against crop diseases and frequent climate change, these crops are genetically modified and adaptive and can survive the conditions which a normal crop bread cant afford to make through the season, such crops are high in nutrient content with less need of caretaking, these crops can be cultivated in any season as the durability is high, and also the output of the crops is in high amount and per acre of cropping results in the high yielding and the area is less required,
Genetically modified crops are high in nutritional factors and consist of a factor that will help the plant to absorb the contents which are essential in human development, and which nutrients are vital for the human body. The Indian government is revisiting GMO laws as it is high time to set up biotech regulators as the crops and food security is an important matter here, as to calm the food security jitters. The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India passed a bill that has been pending in the Lok Sabha for a long time, it has been passed since 2013. Making it into law and passed in Lok sabha, and amendment in the constitution will pave the way for the development of new crops while will giving high growth results per acre of crop, and the use of high-yield crops will ensure the food nutrition content and fix the need of malnutrition conditions,
Bio technically modified genetically crops and other food resources will be nutritionally enriched and stress-resistant crop varieties which will satisfy the nutrition need per meal that will provide proper adequate and essential nutrients content per serving. this need to adopt genome editing or genetic modification is important because the crops we yielding these days are low in nutrition value and the nutrition content we need per serving is low, this lok-sabha bill passing will fast-track GMO approvals as the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India will be receiving funds for research, purchase new technology, buy genetically modified seeds, and many other programs can be initiated so that people can meed their nutrition need, and it will be the having a long-term impact o nation as India is an agriculture dominant country and a country with a high population so the food security will be ensured with proper nutrition content in it.
The pandemic during coved 19, the Ukraine-Russia war, and the impact of climate change had influenced the economy and food security of countries including India and many others, to make food security a priority. this alarming report has made the Policymakers, scientists, and politicians concerned about the condition and this situation makes them recall the days before the Green Revolution of India in 1965 when food security used to be on the top of the priority list of every government in the world. The present food security concerns have also brought to the fore the need to resolve long-pending policy issues on genetics so that India can cope with the food security struggle and meet the need of its people.
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