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Rapeseed-mustard (Brassica species) is the major Rabi oilseed crop of India. Mustard seed is the second most important oil seed crop in India after soybean accounting for nearly 20- 22% of the total oilseeds produced in the country. India is the fourth producer of mustard seed contributing to around 11 % of world’s total production. Rajasthan is the most giant mustard growing state and alone contributes 43% of the total mustard seed production in India.
The estimated area, production and yield of rapeseed-mustard in the world was 36.59 million hectares (m ha), 72.37 million tonnes (mt) and 1980 kg / ha, respectively, during 2018-19. Globally, India account for 19.8 % and 9.8% of the total acreage and production. During the last decade, there has been a considerable increase in productivity from 1840 kg/ha in 2010-11 to 1980 kg/ha in 2018-19 and production has also increased from 61.64 m t in 2010-11 to 72.42 m t in 2018-19. The main factor responsible for increase in productivity is the development and exploitation of hybrids combining high and stable yield.
Rapeseed–mustard crops in India are grown in diverse agro climatic conditions ranging from north-eastern / north western hills to down south under irrigated/rain fed, timely/late sown, saline soils and mixed cropping. Indian mustard accounts for about 75-80 % of the 6.23 m ha under these crops in the country during 2018-19 crop seasons.
Super seeds is a leading seed company of India. The company has a battery of hard working, dedicated and highly educated scientists. The company is involved in R & D activities of cereals, oil seeds, cotton and vegetable crops. The major objective of R & D is on development of high yielding and stable hybrids in different crops. The concerted efforts of the scientists have resulted in development of very good germplasm (including 20 diverse CMS lines) of Indian mustard. Using this material two new mustard hybrids have been developed and commercialized for general cultivation in the major mustard growing areas of the country. The salient features of these hybrids are illustrated below:

  1. SBH 618: This is a wonder hybrid. It combines high yield with stable performance across time and space. On an average of last three years it yielded 31.87 q/ha as against 23.33 q/ha of the most popularly cultivated Pioneer hybrid PI 4546.It matures in 120 to 125 days. Also it has more number of primary and secondary branches, more number of seeds per silique and longer main shoot length. Along with high and stable yield it also has high oil content and low erusic acid.
SBH 618

2. SBH 518: This is an extra early maturing hybrid which combines high yield with extra early maturity. On an average it has given 26.14 q/ha as against 23.33 q/ha of PI 4546. Along with a 12% edge in productivity it also matures early by 7-10 days as compared to the check hybrid PI 4546. This hybrid will be boon for rain fed farming of Rajasthan state which contributes about 43% of the total area under mustard crop in the country. Also this hybrid will be a lolly pop for potato cultivating farmers.

SBH 518


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