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April 7, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

Ashoka Seeds was established in 1988 in Gandhinagar, Bangalore. They started off by providing quality hybrid seeds to farmers in South India at a smaller scale. They have been around in the seed industry for almost 3 decades and have now grown and spread their reach all across the globe. Their reputation precedes them as the leading suppliers of top quality vegetable seeds all across India and the globe.
They recently established their very own large scale, fully functional and automated seeds processing unit. In around a 2acre plot allotted by the government through the KIADB, they have constructed a unit that has broken many a glass ceiling in the seeds industry.
The built up area of the warehouse is about 33000sqft. Within this, they have 4000sqft of cold storage area and can accommodate around 500 tons of seeds for storage. With access to world class machinery, they are able to process the seeds right from the day they receive them from their production fields and ensure that the seeds we provide to our farmers are of the highest grade of quality.
Processing Unit:
Seed processing may be understood to ‘comprise all the operations after harvest that aim at maximizing seed viability, vigour and health’. Seeds are distinguished from inert matter, sterile and empty seeds by size and shape, specific gravity, colour and surface texture. Processing has been mechanized and based on the physical characteristics of seeds, separate machines are available at our processing unit for grading. These machines can be used either singly or in combination depending on the seeds being processed. The main goal is to ensure minimal seed loss and maximum efficiency of processing to match with Indian Minimum Seeds Certification Standards.
The processing of seeds usually starts off with a grader that separates the undersized seeds from the normal desirable seeds based on seed density and size with the help of screen and its vibrations. A scalper is the top most screen of the seed cleaner/grader with larger sieve size than the desirable seed size to remove the matter of larger size than the seed. The aspirator removes matter and adulterants lighter than the crop seed from the seed lot with the help of pressure.
They are pioneers in the Indian seed industry for bringing in and making the best use of the colour sorter machine to separate discoloured seed, greatly of lower quality. This separation based on colour is necessary because sometimes the density and dimensions of discoloured seed are the same as those of sound seed, so other machines are not effective for separation.
They have also included a gravity separation machine which uses a combination of weight and surface characteristic of the seed to be separated.
Once the seeds undergo the vigorous processing, they are ready to be packed. They are moved to the packaging region where we have commissioned an automated pick and fill machine that packs about 36 pouches per minute.
It has been a wonderful journey for Ashoka Seeds thus far. They hope to continue to serve our farmers to the best of their ability.
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